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Fascinated with innovation and technologies, we are a passionate team who lives and breathes all things Metaverse. With a laser focus on our clients’ success, we help them reimagine the possibilities and to embark on their virtual journey. 

Connected & Personal

Our consultants, who are also global leaders in the space, establish trusted relationships with clients. We know the bigger picture of client engagement is much more than just the work at hand. We care deeply about helping clients to deliver the best results and to be successful long-term. We believe in long-term relationships with our consultants, even after the works is done. Working with us is personal.

Belief in Purpose

Our consultants want to work with corporations who believe in purposeful business, so we choose to engage with companies that are committed to making a long-term positive societal impact. Taking into account social and environmental issues is part of our ethos for the design and implementation of Metaverse projects.

Trusted Advice

Strategic Thinking

Independent Consultancy

Valued by Clients

We are obsessed with the value we create for our clients. Value is seldomly created by processes or tools, it is rather created by the emotional and cognitive capabilities of our consultants. The ability to communicate well, have a relevant point of view, think critically, be creative, and demonstrate value in every single contact with our clients. They are the catalysts to the creation of value.

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