Merse Advisory launches, providing and independent alternative to current Metaverse advisory landscape

Operating internationally, with bases in London and New York, Merse Advisory officially opened its doors last week. Employing some of the brightest independent thinkers in the Metaverse, the launch of Merse offers much-needed clarity and objective guidance to companies evaluating how to unlock the business opportunities of Web3.

As an independent consultancy, Merse is free of the conflicts of interest that result from being both Metaverse advisor and technology implementer. It is a rare position to occupy, offering companies an unbiased perspective that will help them focus on how to derive business value from the Metaverse and Web3, and pragmatic actions that will deliver the right results.

Beyond the strategic thinking, Merse Advisory invests in understanding the ecosystem of technology providers. Extensive and up to the minute research into established technology providers and new market entrants, means Merse can help companies cut through the hype and accelerate the pace at which they can choose the right partners, and get on with implementation.

Jessica Thomas, Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor at Merse Advisory, commented on the launch: “The Metaverse is a market that’s moving quickly and constantly evolving but when you’re surrounded by jargon, how do you distinguish the useful from the nonsense? How do you know that this isn’t just the next technological fad with no real lasting impact? How could it benefit your business in the long-term? Our clients are asking these questions and we know they are not alone. That’s why Merse Advisory was created. We’re not a provider, we don’t have a vested interest in whether you decide the Metaverse is right for you or not. We run on the simple belief that whether you’re a Metaverse cynic or idealist, you should be an informed one. We stand as a unique alternative to the current market, where our primary goal is to give you objective, independent, and practical advice – is the Metaverse right for you?”

The two leading founders are cutting edge thinkers in the Metaverse market.

Jessica Thomas is an award winning certified Metaverse strategist and entrepreneur, having won the world renowned Stevie Award for ‘Women in Business’, among many others. Her extensive experience in digital strategy consulting has fuelled her passion for the Metaverse space, and she has spent the last six years leading the rollout of multiple bespoke strategic frameworks across a diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 companies and leading global brands.

Tsvetta Kaleynska is an award-winning entrepreneur, thought leader, and author on the Metaverse, NFTs, and innovative technologies. Her work with the European Innovation Council on blockchain and digital transformation, helps scale-ups and startups to receive funding from the €80bn Horizon 2020 fund. Tsvetta won the Stevie Award for ‘Women Helping Women’ and is regularly featured in top media outlets such as TedX.

Jonathan Cooper-Bagnall, a veteran investor, advisor, and entrepreneur, is joining them as co- founder. Passionate about the opportunities created by technology, he has spent over 20 years helping many of the world’s leading businesses to build partnerships with amazing technology companies. Before co-founding Merse Advisory, where he is taking the lead on the firm’s corporate development, he built and sold his supplier analytics company, and led major consulting businesses in the UK and North America.

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Merse Advisory was created to provide credible, objective, and pragmatic advice on the Metaverse and Web3.
With independence from the technology providers and acting only in its clients’ interest, Merse consultants are
immersed in bringing new ideas to life and working with clients to successfully enter the Metaverse. Founded in
2022, Merse Advisory cuts through the hype, helping clients make well informed decisions, develop ideas, scope
work, and reduce uncertainty and risk – managing the execution to ensure clients achieve the right return on
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